The mission of the WCFC Youth Academy is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth of youth through soccer.


WCFC is one of eighteen WYSA accredited Youth Academies. Developmental Academies focus on player development through group training, pool rostering, and flexible game day play. Youth Academy teams are led by trained coaches with a specific plan for the development of young soccer players. Youth Academy teams are designed for the proper development of soccer skills and creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for young soccer players.


The objective of the WCFC Youth Academy is to develop young athletes into passionate soccer players by creating a wholesome, instructive, skills based learning environment.

The Washington County Futbol Club created the WCFC Youth Academy in the spring of 2009.  The intention of the Academy is to provide a more competitive and proper soccer environment to those young athletes that wish to be part of an accelerated soccer program.  The WCFC Youth Academy is for both boys and girls.  Teams are created for U7 through U10 age groups.  Academy players are exposed to nationally licensed coaches, current and former college level players, and have opportunities to compete against other players from other areas of the state.


WCFC Academy teams are organized by age groups into two different competitive leagues. U7 and U8 teams will compete locally in the KMSL. The WCFC Catalyst Academy Program is for U9 and U10 teams who will compete regionally in the WYSA Academy Program.

Through our training curriculum, players will be given the opportunity to build individual soccer skills, athleticism, self-confidence and a love for the game of soccer and for competition.

Our Youth Academy will provide a fun and challenging program for each player.  Our focus is on the individual player with emphasis on keeping the ball.  Players will learn individual ball mastery through numerous skill-focused activities.  Each training session will build up from no pressure to full pressure activities. Players will play in many 1v1 through 5v5 games where they will have the opportunity to apply their skills.


You can find the locations to all of our fields here.


What a successful player will achieve from the WCFC Catalyst Youth Academy program:

  • Ball Mastery – Under pressure/demonstrated in game or practice, (1) the ability to perform turn/attacking move into space, (2) at full speed, (3) to hold possession or beat opponent. Player exposed to full technical ball mastery curriculum.
  • 3-technique – Under pressure/demonstrated in game or practice, (1) the ability to receive a pass across body (open hips), (2) make a clean first touch into space, and (3) head up to see field for pass/dribble.
  • Soccer IQ – Under pressure/demonstrated in game or practice, (1) understand positionally how to fill space in width/depth attacking/build-up concept, (2) understand diamond/triangle positional play in build-up/possession phase, (3) understand ideas of compactness/closing space defensively, (4) offensive players engage the defender and either pass or dribble.
  • Style of Play – Connecting triangles and diamonds when with the ball. Build up play with ball out of back.
  • Physiological – Foster a players ability to think using various methods: guided discovery, game set-up.
  • Physical – Coordination & balance, agility, perception & awareness.