During early ages, players join WCFC at many different stages of development. With the influx of players from different backgrounds, children can have similar abilities across several age groups while they gain experience and teaching within the program. Players are treated individually with mastery of the ball and body being the main focuses.

Teams will be coached by volunteer parents following curriculum developed by WCFC.  Volunteer coaches will be under the supervision of the Academy Director. Full support is given to each coach including several preseason clinics, videos and practice plans.

Click here for the U7-U8 KMSL Fields
  • Coordination, balance and movements are developed with the ball
  • Ball familiarity, mastery and manipulation
  • Players are inspired to work hard and motivated to be their best
  • Staff help players build a love for the game

U7 / U8 players can expect the following:

  • Practice 1-2 times per week
  • 1-2 games per week in the KMSL
  • Travel to local fields for games
  • Fun game atmosphere
  • Trained coach with a specific plan to develop skills
  • Fall and Spring season

U7 / U8 players will need the following:

  • Size 3 soccer ball
  • Soccer shoes
  • Shin guards
  • Water bottle
  • WCFC Academy uniform