Do you ever wonder  why the referee is blowing the whistle?  Have you ever had a goal called back and not count?  When is a handball not a handball?  And, can someone please explain why players can’t hang out in front of the goal!

Soccer really is a simple game once you know the “rules”.

Lesson 1:  Rules in the game of soccer are actually called Laws.   There are only 17 laws.

FIFA Laws of the Game

Now that you have read the rules, take a fun quiz and check your knowledge.

Referee Quiz

Enjoy the game for the good of the game.


Welcome to the WCFC Parent Academy!

In this section you will find a number of resources to help you become a better soccer parent and help your son or daughter be a better teammate and become a better player.

Soccer is a game that can be played by all children.  Help your child learn, grow, and enjoy the game.


Game Cancellation Information – click here for step by step instructions regarding game cancelations.

GameOfficials Account Set Up – click here for step by step instructions on setting up your Game Officials account.

GameOfficials Self-Assigning Instructions V2 – click here for step by step instructions on signing up to referee games. – Set up your Game Officials account and begin self-assigning games immediately.

USSF Information for New Referees – You have been through the entry level class, completed all the requirements and have your badge. Now what? The advice found within this booklet will help you get off to the best possible start.

USSF Advice to Referees – This book of advice to referees is specifically intended to give USSF referees, assistant referees, and fourth officials a reliable compilation of national and international guidelines.

USSF Guide to Procedures – The United States Soccer Federation adopts the procedures outlined in this pamphlet in order to standardize officiating techniques, signals, and mechanics at all levels of play.

USSF Offside Made Easy – This booklet breaks down the offside rule into logical, easily presented parts and then uses many illustrations to demonstrate how officials enforce it.

USSF Myths of the Game – A menu of videos created to explain individual components of the game including: Handling, Offside, Throw-In, Dangerous Play, and Goalkeeper rules.